Management Systems

Our understanding of the importance of business improvement enables us to assist our diverse client base in the development and enhancement of their management systems and business improvement programmes. We focus on:

  • Promoting internal ownership and involvement at all levels of the organisation.
  • Encouraging training and development of personnel to support the systems.
  • User-friendly, bespoke systems tailored to individual client requirements.
  • The application of effective, appropriate, and pragmatic business controls.
  • Information dissemination and empowerment.
  • Customer requirements and feedback.
  • Achievable and appropriate objectives and targets.
  • Continual improvement.

Our core value is to work with our clients to develop robust and effective management systems which add value to existing defined processes and facilitate accredited certification to internationally recognised standards.

This approach has been successful for all of our clients and continues to assist in the management of all types and sizes of organisation including oil and gas, construction, renewables, manufacturing and service industries, public authorities, medical and health care, the professions, banking and finance.

Professional Advice

Our team of consultants have many years’ experience in the development and implementation of formal management systems and business improvement programmes across a broad spectrum of industry and commerce. Our experience embraces and progresses with the ever-increasing fields of safety and environmental legislation, offering our clients the opportunity to develop fully integrated management systems covering all aspects of Quality, Safety and Environmental provision.

For more than 20 years we have 100% record of success in achieving first time certification for our clients.

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